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Sejong Pharmatech SF Series

Found In: Capsule Fillers

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine (SF-8N / 25N / 40N)

Sejong Pharmatech Automatic Tablet Coating System (SFC Series)

Found In: Coaters / Coating

By utilizing a HVLP type Spray Gun, the efficiency of the coating is tightly controlled along with air temperatures to ensure even coating.

Sejong Pharmatech High Shear Mixer SM Series

Found In: Process Mixers

Constructed for the USA Pharmaceutical GMP production environment, these presses feature the most modern PLC controls.

Sejong Pharmatech GRC Series

Found In: Tablet Presses

GRC-S series of Sejong Pharmatech is designed and produced to be suitable for pharmaceutical company’s labs, university research institutes, or

Sejong Pharmatech MRC-D Series

Found In: Tablet Presses

Can produce double-layer tablets or two single-layer tablets, by applying a double-sided discharge system.

Sejong Pharmatech Up-hill high speed de-duster

Found In: Polishers / Dedusters

A device that shakes up dust on the surface of the discharged tablets from the machine based on vibration principles.

Sejong Pharmatech HRC-S Series

Found In: Tablet Presses

New HRC-S series rotary tablet press is a representative tablet press line of Sejong Pharmatech. Using HMI system, it collects data perfectly and

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Sejong Pharmatech

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