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Aseptic Enclosures Sterile Blended Wipes

Found In: Miscellaneous

AESK567, Sterile, 9x9, pre-wetted ISO 5, Blended Wipes – Comes in a case of 810 total wipes or by pack/unit/30 wipes.

Aseptic Enclosures Aseptic Enclosures Gloved Fingertip Sampling Contact Plates

Found In: Sample Preparation Supplies

AEGF595, Gloved Fingertip Sampling Contact Plates Contact plates can be used for the determination of viable counts on smooth, dry surfaces as well

Aseptic Enclosures XLTC 800

Found In: Fume Hoods

To address mounting concerns over hazardous drug handling, employee safety and regulatory compliance, Aseptic Enclosures has created the depicted

Aseptic Enclosures Venting Equipment

Found In: Fume Hoods

If you need help getting your equipment vented, Aseptic Enclosures offers equipment and supplies to vent your hazardous effluent out of the building.

Aseptic Enclosures Custom Enclosures, Booths, Hoods & Glovebox/Isolators

Found In:

Much of the work that Aseptic Enclosures does is of standard design, but there are many builds they have done for clients that are custom. Typically,

Aseptic Enclosures 50x32PP Compounding Aseptic Glove Box Isolator (CAI)

Found In: Glove Boxes

This glove box isolator specifically designed for Aseptic preparations, and USP 797 compliant Hospital Pharmacy compounding pharmaceutical

Aseptic Enclosures BootieMatic XL

Found In: Supplies

The BootieMatic XL is an automatic clean room Bootie dispenser. Holds approximately 200 booties. Many booting types available.

Aseptic Enclosures Nitrile gloves 9mil

Found In: Miscellaneous

Standard glove for all Aseptic Containment Isolators.     They are a little thinner for better “touch” but still provide good durability.

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Aseptic Enclosures

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