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VWR Galaxy 16D Microcentrifuge

Found In: Centrifuge

14,000 RPM Perfect for Most Biotechnology Applications

VWR VWR Aquasonic 150T

Found In: Ultrasonic Cleaners

The VWR 150T ultrasonic cleaner has a capacity of 8.7 liters or 1.5 gallons and a sonic power of 135W.

VWR Signature Advanced Digital Pipette

Found In: Pipettes

Lightweight yet durable, these pipettors have an ergonomically shaped grip that provides a comfortable, familiar feel even during extended pipetting

VWR V-3 Digital Pipette

Found In: Pipettes

V-3 is a range of eight specially designed, digital, variable volume pipettors to coverthe volume range 0.1 µl - 5000 µl. Volume is easily adjusted

VWR Omega Single Channel Serological Pipettor

Found In: Pipettes

The Last Pipettor You Will Ever Need The lightweight Omega Pipettor has been designed to combine and advanced ergonomic design with precise liquid

VWR Recirculating Chiller

Found In: Circulators / Chillers

VWR Chillers are equipped with large, dual displays, which present temperature and pressure or flow rate simultaneously.

VWR General Purpose Freezer

Found In: Freezers

General-purpose laboratory freezers are ideal for non-critical industrial, clinical, or laboratory requirements.

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