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Roche Cedex HiRes Analyzer

Found In: Cell Counters

The Cedex HiRes Analyzer leads the next generation of cell culture analysis, featuring high-resolution scanner-based imaging that enables deeper

Roche GS Junior System

Found In: DNA Sequence Analyzers

The GS Junior System brings the power of 454 Sequencing technology directly to your laboratory bench top. Benefit from the same proven long-read

Roche cobas e 411

Found In: Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

Bench top analyzer for heterogeneous immunoassays.

Roche cobas p 312 pre analytical system

Found In: Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

A pre-analytical, computer controlled stand-alone system for decapping, sorting and archiving of sample tubes for SWA, hematology, coagulation, and ur

Roche Reflotron Plus

Found In: Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

          Quick Results          Immediate ready for measurement standby mode          30 micro liter whole blood, plasma or

Roche Hitachi 704

Found In: Chemistry Analyzers

The Roche Hitachi 704 Chemistry Analyzer is a fully automated, discrete, and computerized chemistry analyzer. The Roche Hitachi 704 Chemistry

Roche 911

Found In: Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

Hitachi 911 (now the Roche Hitachi 911) is a computerized chemistry analyzer. It uses plasma, serum, urine, and CSF sample types to execute in

Roche LightCycler®

Found In: PCR / Thermal Cyclers

LightCycler® System family offers the analytical performance and throughput you need for your research.

Roche cobas b 221

Found In: Blood Gas Analyzers

In critical-care testing every minute counts.

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