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LECO Corporation TGA701 Thermogravimetric Analyzer

Found In: Flow Injection Analyzers

Thermogravimetric analysis is the basic analysis in many industries to determine material weight loss as a function of temperature.

LECO Corporation AC500 Isoperibol Calorimeter

Found In: Calorimeters

The AC500 determines calorific value, a key indicator of quality and value in solid and liquid fuels.

LECO Corporation GDS900

Found In: Atomic Absorption

LECO's Glow Discharge Spectrometer (GDS) offers you state-of-the-art technology designed specifically for routine elemental determination in most

LECO Corporation 744 Series

Found In: Elemental Analyzers

LECO's 744 Series will redefine the way you determine carbon and sulfur in metals, ores and other inorganic materials.

LECO Corporation O836Si

Found In: Gas and Air Analyzers

The O836Si was designed to meet the low-level sensitivity and high precision demands of the silicon industry.

LECO Corporation 628 Series

Found In: Gas and Air Analyzers

By incorporating state-of-the-art hardware and software technology with key improvements in overall instrument performance and reliability.

LECO Corporation PX300 Grinder/Polisher Series

Found In: Mills and Grinders

Our PX300 Grinder/Polisher Series emphasizes ease-of-use while delivering specimens that are ideal for microhardness or microstructural work.

LECO Corporation GR-20 Coarse Grinder

Found In: Mills and Grinders

The LECO GR-20 is a high-speed, heavy-duty, wet or dry grinder engineered to quickly accomplish the coarse grinding stage.

LECO Corporation PR36 Mounting Press

Found In: Sample Preparation

Capable of both single and dual sample mounting, LECO's PR36 is ideal for a variety of sample mounting materials.

LECO Corporation SX100M Series

Found In: Mills and Grinders

The latest sectioning machine to enter our lineup is the efficient benchtop SX100M.

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LECO Corporation

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