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Jeio Tech CPS-350

Found In: Shakers

Fitted with 4 microplates and wider speed range to accommodate various sample testing.

Jeio Tech BW Series Heating Baths

Found In: Water Baths

Economical water baths for optimal temperature control.

Jeio Tech CW-G series

Found In: Circulators / Chillers

External and internal circulating with powerful pumping capacity.

Jeio Tech Advanced Orbital Shakers

Found In: Shakers

Innovative triple-cam shaking system with compact design and superior fabrications.  Exclusive SKC shaker series can carry out low maintenance

Jeio Tech MSM, MSP types

Found In: Overhead Stirrers

Designed for optimum usability, strongest efficiency in the same class, and advanced safety system for protecting the user and environment.

Jeio Tech HP-3000 Series

Found In:

A variety of sizes, ceramic coated Hotplates and Stirrers series!

Jeio Tech MS Series

Found In: Magnetic Stirrers

Multi-position type stirrers. Multi-functional and user-convenience 5 operating modes and timer.

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Jeio Tech

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