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Pharmag Universal Motor Drive

Found In: Process Mixers

Universal Motor Drive UAM       A pilot plant is a pre-commercial production system that employs new production technology and usually produces

Pharmag Suppository Molding Machine

Found In: Mills

Suppository Molding Machine - PFM-L        The Pharmag Filling and Moulding Apparatus PFM-L is used for molding suppositories, lipsticks and

Pharmag Coating Pan

Found In: Coaters / Coating

Coating Pan - CP9  The Pharmag Coating Pan CP-9 is attached to the UAM Motor Drive via the Universal Gearing which permits the Coating Pan to

Pharmag Polishing Drum

Found In: Polishing

Polishing Drum for Sugar Coated Tablets - PD  The felt-lined Pharmag Polishing Drum PD is designed for polishing sugar coated tablets. The

Pharmag Liquid Dosing Machine

Found In: Capsule Fillers

Liquid Dosing Machine LF-150    The Pharmag Liquid Dosing and Filling Machine LF-150 fills and dispenses all liquids with two pumps and valves

Pharmag Tube Filling Machine

Found In: Capsule Fillers

Tube Filling Machine - FM-O    The Pharmag Ointment Filling and Dosing Machine FM-O is suitable to fill drip free and dose accurately,

Pharmag Wet Granulator

Found In: High Shear Granulators

Wet Granulator WG-30  The Pharmag Wet Granulator WG - 30 is designed for the production of granulates of various sizes from moistened powders.

Pharmag Dry Granulator

Found In: High Shear Granulators

The Dry Granulator DG    The Pharmag Dry Granulator is directly attached to the UAM motor Drive. It has two built-in stainless steel rollers

Pharmag Cube Mixer - Stainless Steel

Found In: Mixers

Stainless Steel Cube Mixer - CM 3.5 and CM 7.5  The Pharmag stainless steel cube mixer CM uses a tumbling motion to mix a homogenous blend of

Pharmag Cube Mixer - Plexiglass

Found In: Mixers

Plexiglass Cube Mixer - CMP-7.5 and CMP-12  The Pharmage Plexi-glass cube mixer CMP 7.7 and CMP 12 uses a tumbling motion to mix a homogenous

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