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HP 6890A

Found In: GC Systems

FID-TCD Gas Chromatograph

HP G1314A

Found In: UV/VIS Detector

G1314A Variable Wavelength Detector

HP 7673B

Found In: GC Autosamplers

The automatic liquid sampler works with the PrepStation system to automate sample preparation procedures. The automatic liquid sampler will become a

HP 19395A

Found In: GC Autosamplers

An automatic equilibrium headspace sampler.

HP 3390A

Found In: Integrator (HPLC)

Hewlett Packard 3390A Integrator features multi-functional keypad, internal printer and communication ports.  Power: 120v, 50/60Hz

HP 3392A

Found In: Data Systems

This HP 3392a Integrator receives and stores digital detector data. This product offers integrating, automating and networking functions for

HP 3396A

Found In:

       The HP 3396A is an integrator that is based on an analog input.  It is equipped with INET and a RS-232 communication port.

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