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Qiagen Rotor-Gene Q

Found In: PCR / Thermal Cyclers

For outstanding performance in real-time PCR    Outstanding thermal and optical performance due to rotary format    An unmatched

Qiagen Investigator Quantiplex Kit

Found In: Assays

The Investigator Quantiplex Kit is a quantitative real-time PCR assay for human identity and forensic testing applications.

Qiagen QIAcube

Found In:

For fully automated sample prep using QIAGEN spin-column kits

Qiagen QIAxpert System

Found In: UV/VIS Spectrophotometers

QIAxpert is an innovative high-speed microfluidic UV/VIS spectrophotometer which profiles sample content to differentiate between DNA and RNA and

Qiagen CLC Cancer Research Workbench

Found In: Software

Unraveling the complexity of Cancer. Expedite your understanding of cancer with CLC Cancer Research Workbench

Qiagen BioRobot 8000

Found In: Robotics

For flexible automated purification of DNA, RNA, or proteins, plus reaction setup and cleanup in 96-well format

Qiagen Bio 9604

Found In: Robotics

Qiagen Bio 9604 Robotic Liquid Handler

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