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Beckman Coulter CytoFLEX S

Found In: Flow Cytometers

Benchtop Cytometry without Compromises for Special Applications

Beckman Coulter UniCel DxH 600 Coulter Cellular Analysis System

Found In: Hematology Analyzers

Developed with the mid- to large-volume clinical hematology laboratory in mind, the UniCel DxH 600 employs Automated Intelligent Morphology (AIM), an

Beckman Coulter UniCel DxH Slidemaker Stainer Coulter Cellular Analysis System

Found In: Hematology Analyzers

The DxH Slidemaker Stainer (SMS) prepares slides automatically based on slide orders received from your LIS, using selectable criteria for blood film

Beckman Coulter CellaVision®*

Found In: Hematology Analyzers

CellaVision digital morphology solutions help increase the efficiency of hematology workflow systems for mid- to large-volume laboratories in

Beckman Coulter REMISOL Advance 1.8 Data Management System

Found In: Software

REMISOL Advance 1.8 enterprise data management system empowers laboratories to streamline workflow and result management process. The application

Beckman Coulter Cell Culture Flask Adapters

Found In: Centrifuge Accessories

?Improve the application flexibility of your centrifuge with buckets and adapters from Beckman Coulter. 

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Beckman Coulter

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