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Baker SterilGard II SG-400

Found In: Biological Safety Cabinets

This Baker SterilGard II SG400 laminar flow hood is a class II, type A

Baker Cultivo™

Found In: CO2 Incubator

Cultivo™ is a CO2 incubator designed to prevent contamination and condensation while giving you full control over variables critical to cell

Baker HypoxyCOOL

Found In: Tables / Workstations

Accelerated Oxygen Conditioning for Tissue/Cell Culture Media

Baker EdgeGard HF Horizontal Laminar Flow Bench

Found In: Fume Hoods

Designed for a variety of applications involving agents of low risk. Applications include sterile product preparation and sterile drug compounding.

Baker SterilGARD e3 Necropsy Unit

Found In:

The Necropsy Unit permits specialized laboratory animal research procedures such as dissection and surgery, cell culture, tissue harvesting and

Baker SterilGARD Pass-Thru System

Found In:

For easy animal receiving, The Baker Company's Pass-Thru System combines standard 4-foot or 6-foot SterilGARD cabinets connected with a

Baker Biomedical Freezers DFR Range

Found In: Freezers

Designed for storing critical materials that demand constant temperature and security.

Baker NCB-D

Found In: Biological Safety Cabinets

The Baker Company NCB-DĀ® Class II, Type B1 Biological Safety Cabinet meets or exceeds specifications for the NCI-1 cabinet developed by the National

Baker IsoGARD Class III

Found In: Glove Boxes

The Baker IsoGARDĀ® series Class III glovebox is designed for research involving agents assigned to BSL-3 and -4 facilities, or where a very high

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