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TTP LabTech dragonfly® discovery

Found In: Liquid Handling

Significantly reduce assay development time and improve HTS efficiency  Innovative, low volume liquid handling that can significantly reduce

TTP LabTech sol-R coded beads

Found In: Analytical Reagent

TTP Labtech’s coded beads represent a range of reagents for the quantification of secreted protein in multiplexed screening assays.

TTP LabTech Cyto-Mine Single Cell Analysis System

Found In: DNA Sequence Analyzers

Since the single cells are compartmentalised, monoclonality is ensured and you can perform novel assays to determine protein secretion rates, titre

TTP LabTech sol-R microplates

Found In: Microplates

sol-R™ microplate clarity for image-based immunoassay and phenotypic screening

TTP LabTech acumen Cellista

Found In: Flow Cytometers

acumen Cellista: phenotypic screening without compromise

TTP LabTech mosquito® HTS

Found In: Liquid Handling

assay miniaturisation with mosquito® HTS, the multi-talented liquid handler

TTP LabTech mosquito® HV

Found In: Liquid Handling

mosquito® HV liquid handler – extend your screening capabilities

TTP LabTech mosquito LCP

Found In: Liquid Handling

mosquito® LCP: automated membrane protein crystallography

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TTP LabTech

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