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Found In: Cell Culture Reagents

BME 2 is a proprietary formulation that has a higher tensile strength than our original BME 1. The Growth Factor Reduced format (BME 2 RGF “organoid

AMSbio Cultrex® HA-R-Spondin1-Fc 293T Cells

Found In: Cell Culture Reagents

This cell line is used to produce either purified RSPO1 or RSPO1 conditioned media for use in organoid culture.    Roof plate-specific

AMSbio Cultrex Organoid Harvesting Solution

Found In: Cell Culture Reagents

Organoid cultures exhibit cellular behaviors and morphologies similar to those found in vivo, but the adaptation of such models to study biochemical

AMSbio Exosome Quantification Kits

Found In: Assays

Ready to use exosome quantification ELISA plates for precise exosome quantification and multiple marker analyses in a number of pathological

AMSbio Exosome Isolation Kits

Found In: Analytical Reagent

Easy, quick, efficient, cheap and convenient exosome isolation tools including reagents, immunobeads and immunoplates for overall or specific intact

AMSbio Exosome Standards

Found In: Cell Culture Accessories

Highly purified, lyophilized exosome standards as calibration standards for quantitation of exosome-derived markers from different biological fluids

AMSbio Exosome DNA and RNA Extraction Kits

Found In: DNA / RNA Purification

Efficient exosome capture and high quality RNA extraction kits.    Efficient exosome capture and DNA purification kits.    10 kits

AMSbio Exosome Anitbodies

Found In: Antibodies

Validated exosomal monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies    14 available

AMSbio Exosome Cell Culture Reagents

Found In: Cell Culture Reagents

Exosomes for cell culture isolated from stem cells.    4 kits available

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