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Buehler ViewMet Inverted Microscope

Found In: Inverted Microscopes

The Buehler ViewMet inverted microscope is an entry level inverted microscope that is practical for flat specimens during mount metallographic sample

Buehler Nikon Eclipse LV100N POL Upright Microscope

Found In: Upright Microscopes

The Nikon Eclipse LV100N is a versatile upright petrographic microscope is suitable for reflected and/or transmitted light applications. This

Buehler PetroVue Thin Section Viewer

Found In: Microscope Accessories

Easy and convenient to use, the PetroVue thin section viewer provides polarized light, allowing clear viewing of thickness and uniformity of samples

Buehler Universal Hardness Tester - Wilson UH4000

Found In: Hardness Testers

The UH4000 series universal hardness tester is designed for high volume production labs and production floor. The UH4000 series is available in two

Buehler AbrasiMet M

Found In: Mills and Grinders

The AbrasiMet M is a benchtop manual cutting machine for 10in and 12in blades that provides consistent sectioning results. The sliding door allows

Buehler AbrasiMet XL Pro

Found In: Mills and Grinders

The AbrasiMet™ XL Pro is a floor standing automatic abrasive cutting machine for 14in to 18in blades that provides consistent and repeatable

Buehler AbrasiMet™ 250

Found In: Miscellaneous

The AbrasiMet 250 is a bench top manual abrasive cutting machine that features manual cutting action with best in class lighting.

Buehler Delta Orbital and Chop Cutter - Medium

Found In: Mills and Grinders

The Delta Medium is a floor standing automatic chop and orbital saw cutter. This cutting machine increases productivity and reduces differences

Buehler Delta Manual Action Abrasive Cutter

Found In: Mills and Grinders

The Delta Manual is a floor standing manual abrasive cutting machine that is ideal for producing excellent cuts quickly and consistently. This

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