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Investigator ProGest

The ProGest Protein Digestion Station is an automated system for in-gel and in-solution digestion of proteins in order to prepare samples for LC/MS and/or MALDI/TOF. All washing steps, reduction (with DTT) and alkylation (with iodoacetamide) steps, enzyme activation and addition, and thermal incubation cycles are automatically performed and controlled using a touch screen interface.

This 2001 ProGest gives you complete automation of protein digestion in gel plugs — from washing steps to enzyme addition and thermal incubation. The use has changed their business model and is ready to sell.
Investigator ProGest
Additional Specifications
  • Fuse: 1 X 3.15 AT,
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 41 x 61 x 67.1 cm, : 15.8 x 24 x 26.4 in,
  • Weight: 54.8 kg (121 lbs),
  • Electrical: Main input 220-240V ac or 100-120V ac, : 50-60 Hz, : 150 VA max


  • Integrated Pipetting Robot
  • Dual Syringe Dilutor Unit
  • Built-in Touchscreen Display
  • Front Panel or Remote Operation Capabilities
  • Work Area with Heatable Reaction Block, Solvents & Reagent Rack, Collection Rack


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InvestigatorTM ProGEST protein band digestror

The nitrogen valve does not function properly. It delivers N2 to the first raws of the plate and stops. Any hint? With thanks Juan Calvete (

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