Leica Microsystems RM2255



Reduce repetitive motions that can contribute to musculoskeletal disorders with the powerful, fully automated Leica RM2255 rotary microtome.    
Designed for fully motorized sectioning of both paraffin- and resin-embedded specimens, the Leica RM2255 supports a broad spectrum of applications; in routine and research laboratories; in histology; in industrial materials and quality control.    
Its two-in-one design concept, which allows motorized and manual sectioning, provides reproducible high-quality sections.
Max. Specimen Size 50L x 60H x 40W mm
Microtome Type Rotary
Sectioning Speed .5 to 420 mm/s ± 10% (from 100 – 600 ?m in 50 ?m-increments )
Thickness Setting .5 to 100 µm
Depth 618 mm (including waste tray)
Height 305 mm (with storage area on cover)
Width 413 mm (including hand wheel)
Power Requirements 100 / 120 / 230 / 240 V AC ±10%, 50/60 Hz
Peak Power 340 VA
Weight 81 lbs (without accessories)
Additional Specifications Section thickness    
Setting values:     
from 0,5 Μm – 5 Μm in 0,5 Μm-increments    
from 5 – 20 Μm in 1 Μm-increments    
from 20 – 60 Μm in 5 Μm-increments    
from 60 –100 Μm in 10 Μm-increments    
Trimming section thickness setting range: 1 – 600 Μm    
Setting values:     
from 1 – 10 Μm in 1 Μm-increments    
from 10 – 20 Μm in 2 Μm-increments    
from 20 – 50 Μm in 5 Μm-increments    
from 50 – 100 Μm in 10 Μm-increments    
Object feed: 28 mm ±1 mm, feed motion via    
step motor    
Vertical specimen stroke: 70 mm    
Sectioning modes: 4    
Specimen retraction:    
in manual operation: 5 – 100 Μm in 5 Μm-increments,    
can be turned off    
in motorized operation: varying with the sectioning    
speed, can be turned off    
Electric coarse feed: 300 Μm/s und 900 Μm/s    
Specimen orientation: horizontal: 8°, vertical: 8°


Consistent sectioning speed    
Consistent sectioning speed and force of the fully-automated cutting motor supports consistent, high-quality sectioning and helps to reduce musculoskeletal disorders caused by repetitive motion.    
Precision orientation system    
The optional 8° X/Y precision orientation system with calibrated controls helps to quickly orient already cut specimens (re-cuts). The system then rapidly returns the exact zero position, which is marked by two red indicators.    
Large 70mm vertical stroke    
The large 70mm vertical stroke allows sectioning of super mega cassettes and also supports safer specimen changing due to the greater distance to the knife edge.    
Unencumbered work area    
Fewer clamping levers provide an unencumbered work area.




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how to move course feed backward?

During sectioning I found the beeping sound (yellow light in the retract button) because the front end position is reached (can be seen yellow light in the control panel's one of key board). My question is, how can I course feed backward to the...

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