Leica Microsystems VT1200 S


VT1200 S

The fully automated Leica VT1200 S vibrating blade microtome is designed to meet the highest sectioning demands for cutting fresh and fixed tissue in Neuroscience.    
To achieve sections of the highest quality that retain viable cells on the section surface, the vertical deflection of the blade can be measured by Leica’s Vibrocheck™ measurement device and minimised with the innovative blade holder.    
The instrument was designed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Peter Jonas and his group at the Physiology Department, Freiburg Germany.
VT1200 S
Max. Specimen Size 33 x 50 mm (with standard blade holder)
Microtome Type Vibrating
Sectioning Speed .01 to 1.5 mm/s (± 10%)
Depth 600 mm (Basic instrument without control unit)
Height 230 mm (Basic instrument without control unit)
Width 250 mm (Basic instrument without control unit)
Power Requirements 100 V–240 V, 50/60Hz
Peak Power 35 VA
Weight 56 kg (Basic instrument without control unit)
Additional Specifications Cutting frequency (± 10%): 85 Hz (± 10%)    
Amplitude: from 0–3 mm, in 0.05 mm increments    
Return speed (± 10%): 1 – 5 mm/s, in 0.5 mm increments    
Total vertical specimen stroke: 20 mm (motorized)    
Cutting range: 45 mm (adjustable)    
Maximum specimen size:    
With standard blade holder: 33 x 50 mm    
Specimen orientation, rotating: 360°    
Specimen plate, swiveling: 0–10°    
Section thickness adjustment: manual in 1 Μm increments or automatic max. 1000 Μm    
Cutting window: 0.5 mm–45 mm    
Specimen retraction: 0–100 Μm (adjustable, can be deactivated)


Protects delicate specimens    
Minimal vertical deflection protects delicate specimens during sectioning and results in more viable cells on the section surface.    
Unique sectioning preferences    
Semi and fully automated cutting modes accommodate many user’s unique sectioning preferences.    
Double edged razor injector    
Blade holder for double edged razor, injector or sapphire blades supports safer blade handling. A second blade holder helps to avoid contamination of specimens.    
Built-in software    
Built-in software remembers individual operational parameter settings for up to 8 users.    
Magnetic specimen holders    
Magnetic specimen holders support easy specimen handling and reproducible orientation.


VT1200 S

VT1200 S

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