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The Q500 is a research-grade thermogravimetric analyzer. Its field-proven performance arises from a responsive low-mass furnace, ultra-sensitive thermobalance, and efficient horizontal purge gas system (with mass flow control). Its convenience, expandability and powerful, results-oriented software make the Q500 ideal for the multi-user laboratory where a wide variety of TGA applications are conducted, and where future expansion of analytical work is anticipated.
Temperature Range 28 to 1000 °C
Additional Specifications Temperature Compensated Thermobalance: Included  
Maximum Sample Weight: 1 g  
Weighing Precision: +/- 0.01%  
Sensitivity: 0.1 Μg  
Baseline Dynamic Drift: < 50 Μg  
Furnace Heating: Resistance Wound  
Evolved Gas Analysis Furnace (EGA): Optional  
Temperature Range: Ambient to 1000 °C  
Isothermal Temp Accuracy: +/- 1 °C  
Isothermal Temp Precision: +/- 0.1 °C  
Controlled Heating Rate: 0.01 to 100 °C/min  
Furnace Cooling (forced air / N2): 1000 to 50 °C < 12 min  
Temperature Calibration: Curie Point  
Autosampler-16 sample: Optional  
Hi-Res TGA™: Optional  
Auto Stepwise TGA: Included  
Modulated TGA™: Optional  
TGA/MS Operation: Optional  
TGA/FTIR Operation: Optional  
Platinum™ Software: Included  
Sample Pans  
Platinum: 50, 100 ΜL  
Ceramic: 100, 250, 500 ΜL  
Aluminum: 100 ΜL





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Hi guys I have a Q500 which shows an error message "POWER SUPPLY IMPEDANCE ERROR:value=xxx, min=0, max=0". Does'anyone know the meaning of error? The furnace impedance measured seems to be OK at 80ohms. many thanks for help

Power Supply Module Q500

Reassembling the PS module I can't recognise the destination of female connector labeled A1PWR1. The relevant male connector seems to having two positions to which A1PWR1 fits and I have no clue of which ones is the correct one. I...

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