Rigaku TG-DTA 8120


TG-DTA 8120

The design emphasis for the Thermo Plus TG-DTA series is on compactness and functionality. The basic unit is modular in design to allow flexible installation in various environments.   
The balance mechanism employs a triple-coil system for more precise differential compensation. These expert systems address a variety of measurement needs. Numerous specialized applications are available to broaden the available range of thermal analysis.
TG-DTA 8120
Temperature Range 28 to 1100 °C 8120 standard model
Additional Specifications Temperature Range 8120 high-temperature model:  
Ambient to 1500°


  • Accurate compensation on horizontal differential triple-coil balance  
  • Compact furnace greatly speeds up heating and cooling  
  • Dynamic TG measurement modes  
    -Stepwise isothermal analysis (SIA) method  
    -Dynamic rate control (DRC) method  
    -Constant rate control (CRC) method  
  • Measuring temperature range  
    -Ambient to 1100° : 8120 standard model  
    -Ambient to 1500° : 8120 high-temperature model  
  • Operating temperature range (maximum)  
    -950° : Infrared heating furnace model  


TG-DTA 8120: Differential thermalgravimetric analysis

TG-DTA 8120: Differential thermalgravimetric analysis

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