CHIRALIZER SERVICES, L.L.C. LC Spiderling Column Selector


LC Spiderling Column Selector

Fully automated and push-button manually operated column selector are available. LC SPIDERLING™ modules can be ordered to accommodate three, five, seven or nine analytical HPLC columns (plus a built-in By-Pass line). All have super low delay volume valve designs and are made out of the finest materials.

Versions for most manufacturer's systems are available (Agilent, HP, Waters, PE...). Often used by tech savy chromatographers to create an automated method development system for chiral or achiral HPLC, LC-MS or SFC sample sceening.

The benchtop (or stackable with an optional shelf module) version is known as the The LC SPIDERLING™ SERIES-II (Model CS3060-##). A deluxe version with integrated forced air heating and cooling (Range: 10 degrees below ambient to 60C) of all of the columns is also available and is known as the LC Spiderling™ Deluxe (Models: CS4000-06CZ and CS4000-10CZ). Both types are available in 345 bar and 600 bar pressure rated versions.
LC Spiderling Column Selector
UHPLC Yes Optional
Power Requirements 120-240 VAC
Additional Specifications Please consult our latest Product Catalog for detailed specifications.


  • Immediate column availability.
  • Eliminate searching the drawer for columns.
  • In-line system with ultra low delay volume valve.
  • Push button electric switching: convenience, faster equilibrations, flushing, increased overall speed, reliability and consistency of result.
  • No more disconnecting columns.
  • Less wear and tear, columns stay in solvent.
  • Make analytical flushing, equilibrating and testing procedures routine.
  • Literally tie a method to a column; mix methods with columns.
  • Enable flushing of entire flow path - from pump to UV detector.
  • Automate methods for "after-hours" operation; free your valuable time.
  • Improve results (minimize human error).
  • Perform flow injection and troubleshooting using the included by-pass line.
  • Great for LC-MS applications. Mix column types in one system.


  • LC Spiderling Deluxe Column Selection System (CS4000-##)
  • LC Spiderling Series-II (CS3060-##)
  • LC Spiderling Column Selector Installed in an HPLC
LC Spiderling Deluxe Column Selection System (CS4000-##)

LC Spiderling Deluxe Column Selection System (CS4000-##)

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after a power cut My 6 position spiderling has now 10 positions how do I reset the oven the 6 port configuration

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