Supelco/Sigma-Aldrich Packed GC Columns


Packed GC Columns

Supelco’s complete line of packed GC columns are configured to fit most commercially available GC instruments. We also have an extensive selection of GC packed column components (empty glass columns, ready-to-use packings, stationary phases, and solid supports) for those customers wishing to pack their own columns. Should you not be able to locate a stock item to fit your needs, our custom capabilities allow us to manufacture columns and packings to your specifications. Supelco, the leader in packed GC column technology for over 40 years, also carries hard-to-find tools specifically designed for GC packed column use.



Packed GC Columns

Packed GC Columns

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Supelco, a Sigma-Aldrich Corporation subsidiary, is an ISO 9001-registered company that manufactures and distributes an extensive selection of U/HPLC...

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