Biotage SP4™



Four-column sequential FLASH purification system with expanded fraction bed,
designed for multi-sample purification.
Depth 22 in
Height 24 in
Width 19 in
Power Requirements 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Additional Specifications Flow rate:
1 – 100 mL/min
Pressure limit:
100 psi (7 bar)


Compact footprint
The standard SP4 system has the same footprint (19” x 22” x 24” W x D x H) as the single-column SP1™. The SP4 EXP with expanded collection bed doubles fraction capacity, yet only adds 7” to the width (26” x 22” x 24” W x D x H).

Large purification range
SP4 systems accommodate the broadest range of cartridge sizes on a single system (FLASH 12™+S [4.5g silica] through FLASH 75™L [800g silica]). Automatically purify milligrams of final compound or tens of grams of an intermediate while running your next synthesis.

Expanded fraction capacity
With the optional expanded fraction bed, collect up to 5.8 L with at least 24 fractions for each four-column run.

Exclusive multi-column functionality
The SP4 system comes standard with four solvent inlets, each with solvent monitoring and four independent waste lines. Four separate Iso-block™ collection racks allow fractions to be easily collected and removed for analysis while another column’s fractions are being collected.

Touch Logic Control™
Biotage’s self-guided easy-to-use software operates from a large touch-screen and provides the latest flash chromatography technology. Swedish engineered software adds more functionality than PC-based operating software found on other automated flash systems. A (software) wizard takes users step-by-step through loading a sample. Never before has system operation and workflow been more streamlined.

Optimum sensitivity and selectivity
The SP4 system’s variable dual wavelength detector allows chemists to collect fractions on one wavelength while simultaneously monitoring another wavelength.


  • SP4™ Purification System
SP4™ Purification System

SP4™ Purification System

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