GE Healthcare VP-Isothermal Titration Calorimeter


VP-Isothermal Titration Calorimeter

The VP-ITC system is an ultrasensitive isothermal titration calorimeter designed for ease-of-use. All functions are operated through software to minimize operator involvement and facilitate fast and accurate analyses without the need for expertise in thermodynamics.   
The capabilities of ITC as a technique, combined with the unique performance features of the VP-ITC have made this system the best selling ultrasensitive isothermal titration calorimeter in the world.
VP-Isothermal Titration Calorimeter
Additional Specifications Active cell volume: ~ 1.4 ml 
Operating temperature range: 2ºC to 80ºC


  • More than just affinities: Simultaneous determination of all binding parameters in a single experiment - information unobtainable from more limited binding assays.   
  • Directly measure sub-millimolar to nanomolar binding constants (102 to 109 M-1). Measure nanomolar to picomolar binding constants (109 to 1012 M-1) using the competitive binding technique.   
  • Application versatility: Investigate any biomolecular interaction with high sensitivity.   
  • True in-solution technique: No labeling or immobilization required. No buffer restrictions. Easily handles turbid solutions.   
  • Easy to use: Unattended operation after sample loading.   
  • Complete system: No additional accessories to purchase. No reagents are required.    
  • Non-reactive Hastelloy® cells for excellent chemical resistance.   
  • Fixed-in-place cells for reproducible ultrasensitive performance with low maintenance.   
  • Precision liquid delivery system for accurate and reproducible injections.   
  • User-selectable mixing speeds to match sample conditions.   
  • Three user selectable response times (U.S. Patent number 5,967,659) for application versatility.      
  • Peltier controlled for rapid temperature equilibration.   
  • Includes ThermoVac® sample preparation and cleaning device.   
  • Now includes Single Injection Method software.
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    VP-ITC Isothermal Titration Calorimeter

    VP-ITC Isothermal Titration Calorimeter

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    I am researcher in a lab located in Nantes in France. We are physico-chemists working on biopolymers. We are thinking about bying an ITC and heard about the VP ITC. Could you please send us a technical description as well as a quotation...

    VP-isotehrmal Titration Calorimeter

    Dear Sir/MAdam I would like to receiveyour best quotation for GE-Healthcare VP-isotehrmal Titration Calorimeter   Kind Regards Roberta Pinalli

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