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Beckman Coulter CESI 8000


CESI 8000

The CESI 8000 High Performance Separation-ESI Module with OptiMS technology consists of the first commercial CESI sprayer combined with new capillary electrophoresis instrumentation specifically designed for mass spectrometry (MS). OptiMS Technology combines an intrinsically low flow CE separation with electrospray ionization (ESI) within a capillary in which the electrophoretic separation and the ESI are integrated in a single dynamic process. This new process is referred to as CESI, as the CE separation and ESI are combined into one. This gives researchers a robust, high-sensitivity interface of capillary electrophoresis (CE) with mass spectrometry (MS) while providing a broad range of analyte coverage that is complementary to LC-MS and GC-MS. CE works at its best with polar and charged analytes such as drugs, drug metabolites, organic acids, amino acids, low molecular weight amines, peptides, intact proteins, protein complexes, nucleic acids and nucleosides. Molecules often missed or altogether undetectable by technologies, like reversed phase LC-MS, now become visible.
CESI 8000
Depth 28.4 in
Height 29.2 in
Width 25 in
Power Requirements Voltage 100 - 240 V 50/60 Hz
Weight 188 lbs includes photodiode array detection
Additional Specifications Height with Door Open:    
38.8 in (98.6 cm)   
Buffer Tray:    
2 x 36 2 mL vials, 4 x 25 mL trays   
Current Range:    
3 to 300 ΜA programmable at 0.1 ΜA Increments   
Pressure Range:    
-5 to +100 psi   
Sample Tray:    
2 x 96-well plates, 2 x 48 2 mL vials, 2 x 48 0.5 mL vials, 2 x 48 PCR vials   
Voltage Range:    
1 - 30 kV (1 - 10 kV for injections), Programmable in 0.1 kV increments, Reversible voltage programmed through user interface.


  • High resolution separation-ESI module with sample storage temperature control (4 - 60°C ) and capillary temperature control (15 - 60°C)   
  • High Sensitivity Selectable Wavelength UV detector Module   
  • Portable height adjustable (electric – gear driven) lab bench   
  • System controller pre-loaded with CESI 8000 software   
  • System application guide   
  • System start-up reagents, installation and training   


CESI 8000 High Performance Separation - ESI Module

CESI 8000 High Performance Separation - ESI Module

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