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The PTR-60 is a compact and highly efficient variable-speed, variable-angle vertical rotator providing all the functionality in one piece of equipment for thorough mixing of microtubes and reproducible sample preparation.  
All actions may be set for continuous or timed operation, and individual phases may be linked together for absolute flexibility. 
Suitable for 360° vertical mixing applications including immuno precipitations and other affinity matrix applications, prevention of blood coagulation, latex diagnostics.
Depth 230 mm
Height 230 mm
Width 430 mm
Power Requirements 24V, 2.1 A
Weight 3.15 kg (with power supply)


  • Very easy to operate, with simple set-up of multi-segment programs via push buttons and the 2-line LCD status display 
  • Reliable and extremely quiet motor produces regulated and reproducible rotation throughout the speed range 
  • Compact with a low profile and small footprint – fits neatly into the workspace 
  • All actions – rotation, reciprocation and vibration – can be set for continuous or timed operation, or linked together in different combinations to ensure optimum mixing conditions for your application 
  • Capacity of up to 48 microtubes and a maximum rotating speed of up to 100 rpm. 




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Grant Instruments, based near Cambridge, England, is an independent, privately owned company, founded in 1951 by Peter Ward and Cecil Chapman.


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