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Spectronic 20

The Spectronic 20 was introduced by Bausch & Lomb in 1954. This single beam spectrophotometer is well known for its enduring design and reliability. It can be used to determine what is in a solution by taking a spectrum (the pattern of how much light is absorbed at each particular wavelength vs. wavelength). More commonly it is used to determine the concentration of substances in solution by comparing the amount of light absorbed at a particular wavelength as compared to a standard of known concentration.   
Spectronic 20
Optics Single Beam
Wavelength Range 340 to 600 nm
Additional Specifications Mirrored Scale: 5 1/2 in   
Rapid Warmup: 5 min


Built in Fan: Cools Sample Compartment, Assures Stable Readings


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Bausch & Lomb was founded in 1853. With respect to laboratory equipment, Bausch & Lomb's specialty is spectrophotometers.    Bausch...

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B&L Spectronic 20 electrical schematic

This is a spotless unit S/N 33-24-61-64, but is overheating.  Tubes and filter cap are OK. If anyone has seen an electrical schematic, I'd appreciate locating one.  Any phototube model would be OK as they probably didn't change...

Broken or not using correctly?

I just purchased two Spec 20s for my school on Ebay. Once received, they are both working proprly on longer wavelengths (anything in red on the dial.) Unfortunately, at shorter wavelengths, I cannot get them to 100% Transmittance. I am using optical...

cuvette required...

We are having a Spectronic 20 spectrophotometer in our lab, but unfortunately we have lost the cuvette.  We are not able run this instrument. can anybody please suggest from where or how we can get it?

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