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The TC10™ cell counter is an automated device that provides a total count of mammalian cells and a live/dead ratio in one simple step with accurate, reproducible results. Count cells prior to cell culture or before starting processes and analytical techniques that require an accurate and consistent number of input cells. The TC10 automated cell counter helps you avoid the tedious task of counting cells with a microscope and hemocytometer which produce varying results. The TC10 automated cell counter uses multifocal plane analysis to assess cell viability. And, it demonstrates accurate cell counts of viable cells and across a range of cell concentrations and cell sizes.
Counting Time 30 sec
Depth 6 in
Height 10 in
Width 7.5 in
Weight 4.8 lbs without the external power supply
Additional Specifications Counting time: 30 sec   
Cell concentration range: 5 x 104–1 x 107 cells/ml   
Cell diameter range: 6–50 µm   
Cell viability range: 10–50 µm   
Sample volume: 10 µl   
Data storage: 100 counts   
Data export: Via USB flash drive   
Printer connectivity: Yes   
Dilution calculator: Yes   
Image of cells available: Yes


Fit cell counting into your schedule: count cells quickly, accurately, and consistently within 30 sec using the built-in auto-focus   
Conserve precious cells: use only 10 µl of suspended cells   
Have results at your fingertips: print count results and dilution calculations from the TC10 thermal label printer   
Easily archive your results: transfer counts and cell images using a USB key and access up to 100 counts stored in the onboard memory   
Trust your counts: confirm instrument functionality with the TC10 verification slide


TC10™ Automated Cell Counter

TC10™ Automated Cell Counter

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Counting cells with a hemocytometer is tedious and time-consuming, giving often-varying results. The TC10 cell counter is truly automated, providing...

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