Hitachi Medical Systems Fluorescence F-2000


Fluorescence F-2000

The Hitachi F-2000 is a microprocessor controlled fluorescence spectrophotometer which is known for its ease of operation, high sensitivity and exceptional reliability. Its compact design makes it convenient for those with limited lab space.

* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Fluorescence F-2000
Power Requirements 110,115,220,230,240 V AC, 50/60Hz
Weight 35 lbs


  • Light Source: 150 W Xenon lamp with ozone dissociation function    
  • Wavelength Range: 220 to 730 nm and 0 order light on excitation and emission sides    
  • Wavelength Accuracy: Better than plus or minus 5nm    
  • Wavelength Scan Rate: 15, 60, 240, 1200 nm/min    
  • Response speed: 0.1, 0.5, 2, or 8 seconds for 0to 98 % response    
  • Photometric value indicating range: 0.0 to 9999    
  • Photometric principle: Monochromatic beam monitoring, ratio calculation    
  • Minimum sample requirement: 0.6ml with use of the standared 10 mm cell    
  • CRT: 9 inch monochrome CRT display    
  • Recorder: Thermal printer (110mm chart width)    
  • Data processing functions: Pre scan, Quantitative Cal., Spectral measurement, Time varying measurement    
  • Measurement condition storage: up to 20 parameters    
  • Performance guaranteed temp range: 5 to 35 C    
  • Performance guaranteed humidity range: 45 to 80 %    


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Any one have a manual for the F-2000?

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where can we buy  printer paper for Hitachi F-2000 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer? Thanks Huamei

Low S/N ratio problem

I just bought a new Xe lamp for the fluorometer, but I can not reach the 200 to 1 ratio in the sens check, I did the coarse adjustment and the fine adjustment.  The cuvette that I am using is brand new and the water is dd and it is filtered...

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