Agilent Technologies ZORBAX RRHD 300SB-C18 1.8 µm


ZORBAX RRHD 300SB-C18 1.8 µm

Agilent ZORBAX Rapid Resolution High Definition (RRHD) 300SB-C18 columns are used for protein primary structure analysis to confirm protein identity, quantify post translational modifications and provide impurity profiles for biotherapeutic protein discovery and development and production applications.   
This new wide pore (300Å) RRHD column brings UHPLC performance to the reversed-phase separation of intact proteins and protein digests. Utilizing the same StableBond chemistry as our 3.5 µm and 5 µm 300Å columns, this new C18 column is the first of a series of wide pore RRHD columns for protein applications.


  • Proven StableBond Technology provides stability at low pH and symmetrical peaks for protein and peptide separations with trifluoroacetic acid or formic acid mobile phase modifiers without compromising column lifetime – stable baseline with both UV and MS detection   
  • Increased efficiency for improved resolution and more robust quantitation of post translational modifications   
  • With pressure stability to 1200 bar these columns bring UHPLC performance to protein analysis   


ZORBAX RRHD 300SB-C18 1.8 µm

ZORBAX RRHD 300SB-C18 1.8 µm

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