Instron CEAST Model 9310


CEAST Model 9310

The Model 9310 instrument is used for the study of impact on films and laminates using the guided falling weight technique. This sysytem can be equipped with instrumented strikers and DAS Junior or DAS 64K, as well as a wide range of darts that are available to test to standards including ISO, ASTM, BS, NF.    
Designed and built to meet the following standards:   
  • ISO 6603-1   
  • ISO 6603-2   
  • ISO 7765-2   
  • ASTM D3763   
  • ASTM D5628 Method FD   
  • ASTM D7192   
  • and other equivalent standards   


The 9310 offers a maximum impact energy of 21 J (15.4 ft-lbs), a maximum impact speed of 3.7 m/s (12.1 ft/s), and a maximum falling height of 0.7 m (27.5 inches). This bench-type tester can be used with non-instrumented strikers for statistical control of materials impact resistance, as well as with instrumented tups and CEAST DAS 64K and DAS Junior Data Acquisition Systems. The falling crosshead is guided by twin calibrated steel columns and the impact energy is released directly through the specimen and its support system, giving maximum structural strength and minimum dynamic interference. The 9310 offers a specially designed clamping arrangement that allows both films and rigid sheets to be tested with the same fixture by easily reversing the clamping plates. Tups are available in different geometries in both instrumented and non-instrumented mode. The Standard machine can be equipped with the anti rebound system to allow for single impact or rebound tests.


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