Instron CEAST Model 9350


CEAST Model 9350

The CEAST 9350 is a floor standing impact system designed to deliver 0.59 -757 J (0.44 - 558 ft-lb) of energy. As the premier model in the CEAST 9300 line, this model includes many time-saving features and supports a large variety of options – from chambers to extra energy. The CEAST 9350 works with our impact software and data acquisition system to make analysis simple. This versatile instrument can be used to test anything from composites to finished products, and is suitable for a range of impact applications including tensile impact, puncture, Izod, and Charpy.


  • High-performance test frames with powerful belt drive and motor system   
  • Easy-to-use operator control panel for precision manual control   
  • Protective doors and panels on all sides for operator safety   
  • Modular crossheads with interchangeable dropweights - change weights safely in seconds   
  • VisualIMPACT Software - for collecting, analyzing, and reporting detailed impact performance data   
  • High-speed data acquisition rates: up to 2 MHz simultaneous sampling - more data where you need it   
  • Optional features such as high-energy configuration, weighing system, automatic lubrication, anti-rebound, environmental chamber, pivoting specimen loader, and automatic specimen feeding system   
  • ASTM D3763   
  • ASTM D7136   
  • ASTM D7192   
  • Boeing BSS 7260   
  • Airbus AITM 1.0010   
  • ISO 6603   
  • ISO 11343   
  • ISO 8256   
  • Other similar standards   


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I need step by step procedure. If in any case u have a pdf please forward

 I need step by step procedure. If in any case u have a pdf please forward


What is the procedure to operate the equipment using CWmain. . I need step by step procedure. If in any case u have a pdf please forward

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