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SCION Series

SCION SQ™ GCMS single quadrupole and SCION TQ™ GC-MS triple quadrupole systems provide analysts with a GC-MS platform especially designed for the Gas Chromatographer.         
The SCION GCMS Series sets a new industry standard for GC-MS. The SCION series is designed to be simple to use, incredibly sensitivity, and delivers robust & reliable performance, All this comes complete In a space saving package that makes upgrading to new levels of performance a simple and cost effective process.          
SCION SQ & SCION TQ set new standards of performance in:         
  • Food Analysis and Testing         
  • Environmental Analysis         
  • Forensics/Toxicology          
  • Sports Medicine/Doping Control         
  • Petroleum, Fuels and Hydrocarbon Analysis          
Both the SCION SQ and the SCION TQ are available with the new, compact 436 Gas Chromatograph. For those requiring move GC flexibility, the 455 Laboratory GC is also available. The 436 and 455 are designed to provide complete sample integrity with fast oven performance, flexible inlet/ detector options, and a wide variety of automations/sample handling capabilities.


SCION SQ GC-MS Benefits         
  • Easy to Use and Maintain - Simple tuning due to “lens-free” ion-path design         
  • Simple Calibration - New EDR detector minimizes effort         
  • Robust - A heated inert ion source that requires less frequent cleaning         
  • Sensitive - Active-Focusing q0 uses He molecules to focus ions         
  • Upgrade Ready – Maximum vacuum 320/400 l/sec means longer performance plus easy upgrade to Chemical Ionization, just add a CI source          
SCION TQ GC-MS/MS Benefits         
  • Simple Tuning - ‘Lens-Free’ ion path for higher stability & sensitivity         
  • More Sensitivity - Active-Focusing q0 uses Helium molecules to increase ion transmission         
  • Higher S/N - Elliptical ion-path design that results in virtually zero neutral or chemical noise         
  • Easy MRM Method Set Up - Simply type the name of the compound and the MRM information auto-fills         
  • Unrivaled NCI Performance - High capacity turbo-pump standard with every SCION TQ          
  • Eliminate Re-Injections - Extended Dynamic Range detector with unique Integrated-Quad design          


  • SCION Series
  • SCION SQ™ GCMS Single Quadrupole
  • SCION TQ™ GC-MS Triple Quadrupole
SCION Series

SCION Series

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