Thermo Scientific MAT 253


MAT 253

Thermo Scientific* MAT 253 Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer System delivers the highest sensitivity and precision for the determination of isotope ratios.   
Provides a flexible and open platform for the connection of inlet systems and preparation devices.
MAT 253
Additional Specifications Mass Range:    
1 to 150 dalton at 10kV   
CNOS: m/delta m = 200 (10% valley), HD: m/delta m = 25 (10% valley)   
Peak Top Flatness:    
Better than 2 x 10e-4   
Sensitivity (absolute):    
600 molecules CO2 per mass 44 ion at the collector (600 molecules/ion)   
Abundance Sensitivity:    
The contribution of the mass 44 intensity to the intensity of mass 45 is less than 2 x 10e-6   
Sample Consumption:    
0.031nmol/s for 1.5V signal (5nA) at mass 44 in the Dual Inlet mode 0.047nmol/s for 1.5V signal (5nA) at mass 44 in the Continuous Flow Mode   
Ion Source Linearity:    
0.02%/nA ion current (mass 44) at a sensitivity corresponding to 900 molecules/ion   
H3+ Factor:    
Smaller than 10ppm/nA


  • Computer switchable amplifier gain   
  • Hydrogen continuous flow capability   
  • Highest sensitivity and linearity   
  • "Fast bellows" system   
  • Computer-controlled ion source potentials and parameters   
  • Up to eight simultaneous acquisition channels   
  • "Plug and measure" peripheral recognition   
  • Small footprint and proven robustness   
  • Easy set up, tuning and fully automatic operation   
  • Ion source with variable conductivity   
  • All-metal sealed ion source and analyzer   
  • Monolithic all-metal valves with gold gaskets   
  • 100% analyzer transmission   
  • Mass resolution 200 (C,N,O,S)   
  • Only system for e.g. SF6, SiF4, Xe   
  • Isodat Script Language (ISL) provides access to all processes and allows modification of supplied scripts as well as development of entirely new measurement and evaluation protocols   
The Thermo Scientific MAT 253 stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer system delivers the highest precision for the determination of H/D, 13C/12C, 15N/14N, 18O/16O, 34S/32S (from SO2 and SF6), 28Si/29Si as well as Ar, Kr and Xe isotope ratios.


  • MAT 253
MAT 253

MAT 253

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Sample transfer incomplete

Mat253, Kiel 3. My noncondensibles (VM1 prereaction) is higher than normal (baseline is at 69, now its around 100). Additionally, the transfer from Trap 1 to 2 is incomplete. I ruled out it being a temp issue and am almost positive its not a leak...

Regarding MAt 253 source problem

After changing filament Trap current is 0.00 mA and Box current is 1.5mA. Interestingly HV is exact 10KV. Plz sugests...

Sensitivity Problem

We have an old Finnigan Delta plus MS.It has a problem that the Standard ion beam intensity value is half the value of the sample beam intensity when we apply the same gas and the same conditions,I think that we need to change the Capillary Tubes...

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