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Have maximum confidence in your analytical system. The new micrOTOF-Q II™ ESI-Qq-TOF mass spectrometer features the very latest technology developments to provide maximum certainty in your research in Small Molecule Identification, Metabolomics and Proteomics. Easy formula determination of small molecules, metabolic studies, analysis of complex mixtures, digests and in-depth evaluation of intact proteins are key applications.


MS/MS performance   
Bringing together the unprecedented features of micrOTOF - the excellent mass accuracy on fragments and superb focus resolving power exceeding 17,500 FWHM - with flexible data dependant MS/MS strategies, the micrOTOF-Q II allows de novo sequencing of peptides even for post-translational modifications. Confident results in proteomics research meets accurate mass and structural analysis of small molecules.   
The formula machine   
The combination of mass accuracy 1-2 ppm, high resolution >17.500 FWHM and True Isotopic Pattern (TIP) makes the micrOTOF-Q II the real formula machine. TIP is applied to precursor and fragment ions which is an outstanding features in formula generation by MS.   
Protein identification and quantification   
The micrOTOF-Q ESI-Qq-TOF mass spectrometer is an ideal instrument for the determination of protein regulation in proteomic research. Standard labels are applicable with high reliability and reproducibility due to the high mass accuracy and resolution of the instrument over the entire mass range. Excellent sensitivity is provided by the unique ESI ion funnel technology. A sophisticated software solution, WARP-LC, comprehensively supports stable isotope labeled experiments (SILE).   
Metabolite ID   
Metabolite and small molecule prediction and detection is performed by MetaboliteTools™, allowing detailed evaluation of samples and sample batches based on the sophisticated eXpose™ detection algorithm and accurate mass capabilities of micrOTOF-Q II. MetaboliteTools predicts possible metabolites from a given drug structure, and extracts relevant information on existing metabolites for LC-MS data.




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can you provide me an user or instruction manual of this equipment microtof q II . I having some problems with it , if i cant fixed it . I am thinking of buying a new one

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