Metrohm 870 KF Titrino plus


870 KF Titrino plus

The 870 Titrino plus is a titrator for volumetric water determination. It can be used to determine water contents from a few ppm up to 100% reliably and accurately in solid, liquid and gaseous samples. With its operating interface designed for routine users, the 870 Titrino plus is so easy to use that hardly any familiarization is needed at all. Due to its robustness, it is also the ideal titrator for routine determinations. Titration vessel and electrode are included.
870 KF Titrino plus
Titrator Type Karl Fischer Volumetric
Depth 310 mm
Height 164 mm
Width 142 mm


  • Straightforward installation       
  • Easy operation due to predefined methods       
  • Excellent precision thanks to the high-resolution measuring input       
  • Live curve for recognizing side-reactions       
  • Overflow protection for increased operating safety       
  • Compact USB printer as an option       


870 KF Titrino plus

870 KF Titrino plus

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