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The SP-1000i is a third generation of proven, integrated slide maker/stainer products developed, manufactured and supported by Sysmex. In routine operations, the SP-1000i provides rapid, automated preparation of peripheral blood smears to help laboratories meet and standardize smear review turnaround times.


The SP-1000i provides a rapid, consistent way to prepare peripheral blood smears within the laboratory. The system can help fully realize productivity gains as part of an integrated Alpha or HST system.  
  • Improves and standardizes smear turnaround time 
  • Rapid smear preparation with first-in, first-out slide preparation and staining 
  • Only aspirates blood from samples that require a smear 
  • Has ability to use colored slides to help differentiate STAT from routine samples 
  • Reflexive slide preparation: applies laboratory defined criteria to prepare smears 
  • Low sample volume requirements: onboard micro-sample mode aspirates 60 ΜL of sample volume to prepare and stain quality smears 
  • Consistently produces quality smears 
  • Uses a combination of unique slide cassette and bathless staining process 
  • Automatically adjusts the angle, speed and blood volume based on HCT value of sample 
  • Flexible operation 
  • Has ability to stain pre-made smears (e.g., body fluid, bone marrow samples) 
  • Can produce multiple smears automatically  


Sysmex SP-1000i™ Automated Hematology Slide Preparation Unit

Sysmex SP-1000i™ Automated Hematology Slide Preparation Unit

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