SLEE Mainz CUT 6062


CUT 6062

The SLEE rotary microtome series 6062 is designed as a modularsystem. Whether knife-holders or specimen holders - a rationaladapter system and different accessories make the use of CUT 6062child’s play.Rapid knife-change and exchanging of specimen supports is effectedwithout loss of the basic adjustment.
CUT 6062
Microtome Type Rotary
Sectioning Speed 3 to 30 mm/s
Thickness Setting .5 to 100 µm
Depth 495 mm
Height 290 mm
Width 400 mm
Weight 29 kg
Additional Specifications Increments:  
0,5 Μm from 0,5 Μm – 2,0 Μm 
1,0 Μm from 2,0 Μm – 10 Μm 
2,0 Μm from 10 Μm – 50 Μm 
5,0 Μm from 50 Μm – 100 Μm 
Horizontal specimen advance: 28 mm 
Vertical stroke: 60 mm 
Specimen orientation: XY-Axes: 8°, Z-Axes: 360° 
Advance for trimming: adjustable from 0 – 300 Μm, 
free programmable


  • Operating pad for motorised advance / return 
  • Operating pad for motorised cutting 
  • Individual or series cutting 
  • Motor drive 
  • Foot switch 
  • Emergency stop  


CUT 6062

CUT 6062

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