Diatron Abacus Junior Basic


Abacus Junior Basic

Abacus junior is a fully automated, benchtop hematology cell counter.   
It implements the so-called Coulter-method for counting cells passing through a small   
aperture, and measures the hemoglobin content of red blood cells.   
The analyzer features a graphical LCD display module, and a foil keypad of 24 keys   
including 6 software buttons (with icons), 6 hardware function buttons (above LCD)   
and has a START button.   
The instrument allows sending results to an external printer (parallel port), or can   
have an optional built-in printer module.   
Its internal memory is capable of storing 1000 records with full histograms, and   
individual patient data. QC measurements can also be performed, and stored. The   
software operating the instrument is easy to upgrade using a standard 3.5” floppy   
diskette or CD-ROM (optional). The instrument allows connecting to a host computer   
for uploading records stored in the memory through RS-232 serial port, and also   
enables archiving and restoring records to and from floppy diskettes.


  • 12 parameters   
  • WBC   
  • 30 tests/hour   
  • built-in printer   
  • internal database, RS232 connection   
  • numerical results displayed   
  • printed histograms   
  • selectable units   
  • built-in QC programme   
  • fully automated sample-handling, measurement, clog-prevention   
  • simple, cost effective operation   
  • Diatron reagent system    


Abacus Junior Basic

Abacus Junior Basic

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