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The i-STAT portable clinical Analyzer (PCA) is used in conjunction with disposable cartridges for determination of a variety of parameters in whole blood. The analyzer stores up to 50 patient records and permits on-screen viewing of test results as well as transmission of records to a data management system using infrared signals.   
The i-STAT Portable Clinical Analyser is a true point of care analyser designed to be used at the patients bedside for critical care tests such as blood gases, electrolytes, metabolytes and coagulation. There are a number of cartridges testing different combinations of analytes therefore eliminating the need for different analysers.   
Only a few drops of whole blood are required for testing, between 65 and 95 µl. Samples are processed immediately and provide lab-quality results in 2 minutes making the i-STAT quick and easy to use.   
Calibration is automatic and contained within the test cartridges simplifying quality control procedures.   
Up to 50 results are automatically stored within the analyser and these can be printed out at any time by directly linking the analyser to a small Infrared printer. Alternatively, multiple analysers can transmit data to a central workstation.
Sample Type Whole Blood
Additional Specifications Shelf Life:    
Refrigerated at 2 to 8ºC (35 to 46ºF) until expiration date.   
Room temperature at 18 to 30ºC (64 to 86ºF) for two weeks.   
Preparation for Use:    
Individual cartridges may be used after standing five minutes at room temperature. An entire box of cartridges should stand at room temperature for one hour.All cartridges should be used immediately after opening pouch. If the pouch has been punctured, the cartridge should not be used.   
Sample Type:    
Fresh whole blood from arterial, venous, or skin punctures   
(Note: Skin puncture is NOT a recommended sample type for ACT, cTnI, CK-MB, or BNP   
testing.) cTnI and CK-MB cartridges require the use of heparinized whole blood or plasma, or nonheparinized whole blood tested within one minute of patient draw.   
BNP cartridges require the use of EDTA whole blood or plasma samples.   
Sample Volume:    
17µL, 20µL, 40µL, 65µL, or 95µL depending on cartridge type.   
Test Timing:    
Immediately after collection • Samples for the measurement of ACT, PT/INR and lactate within 3 minutes after collection • Samples collected in capillary tubes, both with and without anticoagulant • Samples collected in evacuated or non-evacuated tubes and syringes without anticoagulant within 10 minutes after collection • Samples collected with anticoagulant for the measurement of pH, PCO2, PO2 and iCa. Maintain anaerobic conditions. Remix before filling cartridge.   
Within 30 minutes after collection • Sodium, potassium, chloride, glucose, BUN/urea, creatinine, hematocrit,troponin I, CK-MB, and BNP. Remix thoroughly before testing.


  • Stores up to 50 patient records   
  • On-screen viewing of test results   
  • Transmission of records to a data management system   
  • System prompts users step by step through the testing process   
  • Operator and patient information can be entered via barcode scanner   
  • Operator lockout prevents unauthorized users from performing or viewing test results   
  • Test results are uploaded automatically when the i-STAT handheld is placed in a downloader   


i-STAT portable Analyser

i-STAT portable Analyser

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