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Cary 5000

The Cary 5000 is a high performance UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer with superb photometric performance in the 175-3300 nm range. Using a PbSmart detector, the Cary 5000 extends its NIR range to 3300 nm making it a powerful tool for materials science research. Controlled by the Cary WinUV software, a modular Windows-based software, makes it easy to perform powerful analysis and control a number of optional accessories. The large sample compartment can be expanded to hold large accessories and integrating spheres for spectral and diffuse reflectance. The LockDown mechanism makes it possible to quickly change and position accessories for reproducible results.


  • Measure beyond 8.0 absorbance units with reference beam attenuation   
  • Measure 175 to 3300 nm using a PbSmart NIR detector for extended photometric range   
  • WinUV software – modular software with power analysis and enhanced transfer and report export capabilities   
  • Versatile set of accessories for materials research including spectral and diffuse reflectance   
  • Variable slit widths (down to 0.01 nm) for optimum control over data resolution   
  • Large sample compartment with LockDown mechanism for quick changes and positioning for reproducible results   
  • Maximum light throughput using Schwarzchild coupling optics for higher accuracy at low transmission levels   
  • Minimal noise and stray light using a floating aluminum casting and double Littrow monochromator   
  • Extended dynamic range by attenuating the reference beam more in line with the sample absorbance   
  • Nitrogen pumping – separate purging in the sample and monochromator compartments    


Cary 5000 UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer

Cary 5000 UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer

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Agilent Cary 5000 simple reads

What is the highest optical density reading in "simple reads" mode?  @  eg 500 nm. It seams to go off scale>10abs after 3 abs.  This is zeroed without a reference beam attenuator.

initializing upon startup

I just bought a used CARY 5000 with sphere. Everything seems to work , software etc. but it will not initialize with or w/o DRA accessory on. The left micrometer was jammed. I opened the cover, loosened the belt and unstuck the left one. It was at...

ERROR 9339 & 9303

We are recieveing this error message peak transmission to small. I have good Vis lamp signal but low UV signal. unit will not align.

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