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The Agilent PL-SP 260VS is a sample preparation system designed for the manual dissolution and filtration of samples prior to GPC analysis. User-selectable from speeds of between 85-230 rpm (± 10%), the unit combines controlled heating across a temperature range of 30-260 °C (± 2 °C) with gentle agitation. With its temperature range and speed capabilities, the PL-SP 260VS is ideal for a wide range of polymer types, including even the most difficult of samples. Ideal for preparation of samples prior to analysis on the Agilent PL-GPC220


  • Choice of vial types. The removable aluminium blocks for the heated compartment are available in several formats to accommodate a variety of vial types   
  • Efficient dispensing. A unique pipettor device efficiently dispenses hot filtered sample solution from the sample preparation vial directly into destination (autosampler) vials, with minimal handling   
  • Choice of filtration media. Choose from either glass fiber or porous stainless steel   
  • Variable speed. During sample preparation, the vials can be agitated continuously, or the shaker can be programmed to operate for specific periods of time   


PL-SP 260VS Sample Preparation System

PL-SP 260VS Sample Preparation System

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