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ProStar 410

With variable injection volumes and automixing/autodiluting, the ProStar 410 is perfect for laboratories with changing needs. It provides flexible operation without sacrificing reliability or performance.Multiple injection modes for flexibility, ease of use, and precision.Full loop filloverfills the sample loop for maximum precision. Partial loop fill allows easily programmed variable injection volumes. Microliter pickup withdraws the exact amount to be injected without sample loss.


  • Sample trays in 3 configurations: 96 standard 1.5mL vials;84 standard 2 mL vials plus 3 10 mL vials for mix solvents; 24 10 mL vials for large injection volumes. Trays change in under a minute. 
  • Easy to automate. Internal standard addition, sample dilution, or derivatizationsteps are easily programmed to reduce sample preparation time and errors due to manual procedures. 
  • High-resolution syringe design for maximum reproducibility. 
  • Integrated column oven. 
  • Cooling and biocompatibility options available. 
  • Easy-access needle, injector valve and syringe for quick maintenance. 


ProStar 410 HPLC Autosampler

ProStar 410 HPLC Autosampler

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injector volume

we have a varian prostar 410 injector with a syringe volume of 250 microliter and a tubing needle volume of 15 microliter. What is the maximum amount that we would be able to inject for a sample? I have used the analytical column with 10 microliter...

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