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Cobas 4000

The Cobas 4000 analyzer series include the Cobas c 311 module for clinical chemistry and the Cobas e 411 module for immunoassays.The combination of the two analyzers with Cobas IT 3000 solution provides true operational integration for small laboratories.


Compact yet powerful  
cobas 4000 includes the cobas c 311 analyzer for clinical chemistry and cobas e 411 analyzer for immunoassays. The combination of the two analyzers provides true operational integration for small workload laboratories.  
Complete serum work area testing  
cobas 4000 performs clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing for laboratories processing 80-200 serum samples/day. Its menu of over 150 routine and innovative assays satisfies virtually all of the testing needs for small workload laboratories.  
A capacity of up to 63 combined onboard tests enables full indication panels for diagnosis and therapy monitoring.  
Convenience in operation  
cobas reagent packs are always ready to use and highly stable for efficient usage.  
Common cobas user interfaces enable users seamless and flexible operation between analyzers. Online updates and remote service access via cobas e-services expedite service and support.  
Confidence in results  
Roche/Hitachi in design and manufacture, cobasĀ® 4000 continues the long tradition of proven reliability. Electrochemiluminescence (ECL) technology sets high standards of analytical performance and time to result.  
One grip handling of reagents  
The unique concept of the cobas c packs and cobas e packs allows for convenient reagent handling


Cobas 4000

Cobas 4000

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Reults produced by e-411stored in flash/CD,to be red by PC

in case LIS IS not connected with instrument ! How can data of patiention results,that stored in flash or CD,can be red out by PC? Its seemed that a portocol is need to make it possible ! How can sush protocal obtained ?


first used for this cobas e411  

regarding communication with host

following is transffered data 1H|\^&||||||||||P|| 05 2P|1||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 3B 3O|1|160312121200031|135^0^4^^SAMPLE^NORMAL|ALL|R|20121212153002|||||X||||||||||||||O||||| 18 4R|1|^^^94^^0|112.4|ng/dl|80...

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