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3000 Evolution

3000 Evolution is an interferential filter photometer, completely managed by microprocessors. It performs photometric measurements and processes them according to programs with parameters that can be entered by the operator. It executes, in a rapid and precise manner, most of important chemistry and hematology tests. 
Particularly, the following determinations can be carried out: 
3000 Evolution
Power Requirements Autosensing (80-260 V)
Weight 11 kg
Additional Specifications Flow cell: 18 µL 
Typical working volume: 500 µL 
Minimum working volume: 350 µL 
Carry over: less than 1% 
Intake: peristaltic pump with programmable intake volume and air gap setting 
Operating modes: Absorbance, End Point, Fixed-Time, Kinetic, Multistandard and Differential 
Spectral range: 320-690 nm 
Filter wavelength: 340-405-492-505-546-578-630 nm; 1 empty position 
Reading: Monochromatic, Bichromatic 
Reagent blank saving: Included 
Measuring range: from -0.200 to 3.000 O.D. 
Photometric accuracy: ± 1% from 0 to 2.500 O.D. 
Photometric linearity: ± 1% from 0 to 2.500 O.D. 
Reproducibility: CV < 1% from 0 to 2.000 O.D. 
Results memory: 400 test results 
ID sample: selectable 
QC Program:last 30 results, 2 levels for 30 selectable tests with Levey-Jennings plot 
Incubator: 10 positions; ± 0.2°C 
Incubator temperature:selectable from 20°C to 40°C 
Display: Graphic 240x128 pixels 
Language: English, Italian, 2 other languages on request 
Keyboard: 8 keys multifunctional keyboard or external connection for PS-2 keyboard 
Printer: built-in graphic printer with 24 columns 
External port: Serial RS232 
Dimension: 35x34x24 cm


  • Semi-automatic photometer for up to 120 different test programs 
  • Absorbance, end-point, kinetics, fixed time multistandard and differential tests, completely managed by microprocessors 
  • 10 positions incubator programmable from 20 °C to 40 °C 
  • Calculation is performed automatically so that results are displayed and printed out directly in the required measuring unit 
  • Equipped with graphic 240x128 pixels display, graphic printer RS232 output. 
  • Data Handling Software available upon request  


3000 Evolution

3000 Evolution

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one of our client has this instrument, in which the smps has failed so we need the smps unit kindly quote us the price.

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