Thermo Scientific Aquakem 200


Aquakem 200

Thermo Scientific* Aquakem 200 Photometric Analyzer is a compact, discrete photometric analyzer for water and environmental samples.   
The Aquakem 200 is a fast, fully automated discrete photometric analyzer capable of self optimization of the workload. It allows users to choose random access or batch analysis and the use of multiple chemistries. The Aquakem 200 is floor standing, needs minimal space and fits easily wherever needed. Ease of use combined with minimal operating condition requirements makes Aquakem the right choice for every cost-efficient laboratory.
Aquakem 200
Depth 79 cm
Height 115 cm
Width 80 cm
Power Requirements 100–240V +/-10%, 50–60Hz +/-5%
Peak Power 400 W (less than)
Weight 130 kg
Additional Specifications Operating System:    
Discrete, selective, with either random access or batch analysis.   
Analytical Method:    
Colorimetric end-point, linear and non-linear reactions, turbidimetric and bichromatic with or without sample blanking.   
Up to 180 tests/hour   
Measurement Method:    
Single-channel interference filter photometer with beam splitting reference. The 12 reaction cells are measured in sequence, 13 wavelegths supplied, 340 to 880nm.   
Suitable for raw, potable, wastewater, saline and boiler water. Max on-board capacity 6 segments each with 14 positions for samples. Continuous access without interrupting test processing.   
On-board 35 pos. in the cooled reagent disk. All reagents are automatically identified using bar code labels. Real time reagent status clearly displayed. Up to four reagent additions/tests possible. Continuous access to reagents without interrupting test processing.   
Cuvets: Disposable multicell cuvets. Continuous loading of cuvets with capacity for 600 tests.   
Automatic sample dilution of overrange tests with automatic re-run. Manual dilution by operator if required, corrected result identified.   
Up to 8 standards per chemistry, standardization interval user definable. Polynomial curve fitting and modification, previous curve comparison. Calibration with separate standards or by automatic dilutions of a stock standard. Automatic bias correction possible.   
Quality Control:    
Up to 6 levels per chemistry, control frequency is user definable. Poor control results are flagged. Summaries of SD, CVs and mean on all controls are displayed graphically.   
Data Management Features:    
Separate workstation, sw running under Windows XP*, graphical user interface. Sample bar codes in use: Code 128, Code 39, USS Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5.   
Water Consumption:    
Distilled water consumption typically <0.5L/hr. No plumbing required.


  • Analytical rate of up to 180 tests per hour   
  • Continuous loading of samples, reagents and reaction vessels at any time during analysis facilitates laboratory workflow   
  • Comprehensive test menu based on methodologies recommended by Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater   
  • Can be custom-programmed to meet the individual testing needs in each laboratory   


Aquakem 200 Photometric Analyzer

Aquakem 200 Photometric Analyzer

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