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Thermo Scientific* Indiko is a fully automated, bench-top clinical and specialty chemistry system. 
Indiko together with bar-coded, ready to use Thermo Scientific system reagents is a reliable combination providing ease-of-use and flexibility to routine clinical chemistry analysis and specialty testing, like specific proteins and drug monitoring. Once loaded, the analyzer provides true walk-away time for the operator. Patient oriented testing produces results quickly thus enhancing the quality of patient care.
Depth 27.6 in
Height 24.4 in
Width 29.5 in
Peak Power 250 W
Weight 187 lbs
Additional Specifications Capacity: up to 200 tests / hour with one-reagent methods. 
On-board capacity: Combined sample and reagent disk with 9-position sample racks and 6-position reagent racks. Max 6 racks. 
Sample volume: 2 - 120uL 
Reagent volume: 2 - 240uL (1 to 4 reagent additions / test) 
Reaction volume: 120 - 300uL 
Incubator: 9 x 10-position single-use cuvettes, totally 90 cuvette positions 
Photometer: 12 filter positions 
Absorbance range: 0 - 3.5 A 
Water consumption: 1.5 litre / hour 
Workstation: separate PC


Indiko is an easy to use, cost-effective system designed for load up and walk-away convenience. Intuitive user interface and many automated features help to manage the daily workload fluently. Bench-top, self-contained Indiko fits ideally to a laboratory with space limitations. 
  • Different sample types can be analyzed at the same time 
  • Continuous access to samples, reagents and cuvettes without interrupting the testing process 
  • Up to two hours walk-away time 
  • Dilutions and re-analysis, when necessary, are handled fully automatically 
  • Real-time quality control program with multiple Westgard rules 
  • Real-time monitoring of reagent usage, lot follow-up 
  • Loadable application data and calibrator and control values from a two-dimensional barcode or from a file 
  • Bi-directional LIS interface 


  • Indiko


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I currently need a maintenance technician in Wisconsin that can help us with annual maintenance of our indiko plus which is a bout 3 years old. Would pay well!

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