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Konelab 20XT

Thermo Scientific* Konelab 20XT Clinical Chemistry Analyzer is ideal for small labs, intensive care labs and other specialty laboratories, handling basic clinical chemistry, DoA and TDM testing. 
The Thermo Scientific Konelab 20XT analyzer is a random access clinical chemistry system for routine and special chemistries, including specific proteins, electrolytes, therapeutic drugs and drugs of abuse tests. Various automated features save time in sample processing and help to keep the laboratory's costs down. The Konelab 20XT analyzer is designed to meet the needs of medium and small routine and specialty clinical laboratories. The unique low-volume cuvette design ensures error free operation and minimum reagent consumption, making the Konelab analyzers very cost-effective.
Konelab 20XT
Additional Specifications Operating Principle:  
Random access analyzer for routine and special chemistries, including specific proteins, therapeutic drugs, drugs of abuse and user definable applications. Programmable tests 250. 
Workload dependent, being in typical routine use up to 250 tests/hour. Time to first result is typically 3 to 12 min. 
Samples, calibrators and controls are placed on sample disk in segments with 14 positions each. Max on-board capacity 6 segments, 5 additional positions for STAT samples. Integrated barcode reader and cup/tube recognition. 
Continuous loading 35 pos. in the cooled reagent disk. External barcode reader for identification. Real time reagent status seen on the workstation window. Up to four reagent additions/test possible. 
Discrete disposable multicell cuvette with 12 reaction measurement cells in a row. Several blank possibilities programmable. Continuous loading. On-board capacity of 50 multicell cuvettes (50 x 12 = 600 pos.), typ. up to 2.5 hours walk-away time. 
Automatic sample pre-dilution. Automatic post-dilution with both high and low secondary dilution ratios. Possibility to add the value of manual pre-dilution for the result calculation. 
Linear, non-linear or bias calibration. Calibration with separate calibrators or with automatically diluted series from a stock calibrator. Memory for 99 different calibrators. 
Quality Control:  
Real time QC with multiple and variable Westgard rules. Programmable control interval. Memory for 99 different controls. 
Reaction Incubation:  
Reaction Incubation: Reaction incubator for 6 multicell cuvettes (i.e. 72 reaction cells). 
Measurement Method:  
Colorimetric and turbidimetric principles. Kinetic and end-point modes. Spectral range: 340 – 800 nm. 
Environmental Requirements:  
Width 80cm, depth 79cm, height 115cm, weight 142kg. Water consumption typ. <1L/h. Available on-board, no external connections required. Power requirements: 100–240 V +/-10%, 50–60 Hz +/-5%, 350 W Konelab 20XTi and 300 W Konelab 20XT. 
ISE Measurement in the model K20XTi:  
Direct potentiometry principle. Electrodes for Na+, K+ and Cl-. Li+ upon request. 
Data Management Features:  
Windows XP workstation included. Graphical user interface. Barcodes in use: Code 128, Code 39, USS Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5.


  • Small footprint 
  • Does not require any external water supply or drainage 
  • Throughput of up to 250 tests per hour 
  • 84 sample positions with continuous loading segments 
  • 5 STAT positions 
  • 35 reagent positions; real-time reagent status seen 
  • 50 cuvettes on-board; 2.5 hours walk-away time 
  • Clear and easy-to-navigate graphical user interface, providing fast guidance and easy access to all functions; available with several languages 


Konelab 20XT Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Konelab 20XT Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

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