Stago STA Compact® Hemostasis System


STA Compact® Hemostasis System

The STA Compact® is a fully automated, benchtop, Hemostasis workstation capable of performing clotting, chromogenic and immunological assays simultaneously in random access mode. The system's unique method of sample management offers moderate throughout and rapid processing of STAT samples without the need to interrupt current testing. All sample and calibrator dilutions are performed automatically, increasing staff productivity for laboratories performing moderate-volume routine and specialty coagulation testing.
STA Compact® Hemostasis System
Depth 25.8 in
Height 25.2 in
Width 38.3 in
Weight 351 lbs


  • Strong presence worldwide (more than 80 countries) 
  • Enhanced productivity with medium throughput and considerable walk-away capability 
  • Continuous loading of sample - optimizes STAT sample processing  
  • Optimal security with the optional cap piercing device  
  • Barcoded labels provide reagents and related information 
  • High quality results owing by the exclusive Viscosity-Based Detection System and the Integrated Quality Control Programme 
  • Easy to use software 


STA Compact® Hemostasis System

STA Compact® Hemostasis System

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ERROR 04.01.00 Measuring Block Received NACK

Dear community I am having a problem with a Stago STA Compact analyzer. He gives me 2 Errors First one is (ERROR 04.01.00 - Measuring Block Received NACK) Second one is (ERROR 49.03.01 - Measure NACK Receipt ) I need some help or...

Service manuel

hello ! i'm asking if someone can help by giving me the service manuel or the technical manuel of this item ! and thank's a lot ! have a nice day :D

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