Metrohm 916 Ti-Touch


916 Ti-Touch

«Reduce to the max» – this is the 916 Ti-Touch's concept. Metrohm's new compact titrator offers the maximum in the class of stand-alone systems for routine analysis.       
The «916 Salt Ti-Touch» includes the complete set of accessories for chloride titration.
916 Ti-Touch
Titrator Type Potentiometric


Maximum system integration       
Buret, stirrer, dosing system and control module are in a single space saving unit.       
All system components are instantly recognized and ready for use.       
Personalized Touch-screen 2908 for fast method start       
Up to 14 methods can each be linked to a favorite icon on the touchscreen. Methods start at a single touch.       
Straightforward automation       
Up to 100 samples can be determined unattended. Connect to any Metrohm USB Titration Sample Processor for all of your sample preparation and automation needs. Even if the unit is compact, we won't limit what you can do with it!       
Metrohm Titration Intelligence       
All system components like the Intelligent Dosing Unit and iTrode are monitored for suitability and proper function. Limits can be set and automatically monitored to inform you remotely for any erroneous results thanks to built in network connectivity and email funtions.       
Save and print data – without PC       
USB interface for printer, USB stick or barcode reader.       
Direct access to intranet and LIMS – without PC       
Save methods and results directly in your intranet or LIMS.       
Paperless PDF reports       
Generate forge-proof PDF reports and save them on a USB stick or your LAN. Not extra computer is required.       
Central Data and Method Storage       
Choose a remote network location to store all of your data and methods remotely and instantly. No more need to print out results. If you wish to manage your data from a PC, easily hook up tiBase software for all of your data management needs.


916 Ti-Touch

916 Ti-Touch

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Metrohm is a worldwide leading manufacturer of precision instruments for chemical analysis. In the field of electrochemical ion analysis we have been...

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916 Ti touch boot problem

Hi, The 916 not finish boot after switch On and stay on nicy frog on display. USB key lit. Tried minimal config and connection - same. Anyone familiar with it ?


How do I open the reports?  They all have a .mres extension and I do not have software that will open them. 


hi, Im trying to builde a method for FORMOL number determination. basicly its a simle acid/base titration in to step. first step titration of the sample till ph=8.1 next titration of the sample+10 ml formaldeheyde till ph=8.1. what shuld be...

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Metrohm is proud to announce the release of significant enhancements to its Ti-Touch Titrator family of potentiometric and Karl Fischer titrators and...

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916 Ti-Touch – The next big thing in titration is small!

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«Integrate and simplify» – this is the principle of the Ti-Touch. The new compact titrator from Metrohm offers simply more than any...