Thermo Scientific S1 Pipet Fillers


S1 Pipet Fillers

Thermo Scientific* S1 Pipet Filler is a lightweight, cordless pipet filler that allows longer, fatigue-free pipetting—for use with graduated and volumetric glass and plastic serological pipettes.     
Ergonomically designed, the S1 Pipet Filler offers simple efficient pipetting performance and maximum pipetting comfort. This pipet filler features a heavy-duty rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows approximately three times longer operation between charges than typical units using nickel cadmium batteries. Separate aspirate and dispense speed controls affords precise control over pipetting speeds and reduces risk of overpipetting with smaller pipets.
S1 Pipet Fillers
Pipette Type Pipette Controller
Power Requirements 100-240 V AC 60-50 Hz, 0.2 A
Weight 220 g
Additional Specifications Aspirate Speeds: 8     
Dispense Speeds: 8 (+ Gravity Dispense)     
Nosepiece Pipet Holder: Autoclavable Silicone Rubber     
Pipet Compatibility: All major brands of glass or plastic serological pipets, 1 to 100mL     
Filter Assembly: 0.45 Micron Standard     
Battery: Lithium-Ion     
Approx. Runtime Between Charges: 20 hours in continuous use     
Recharge Time: 3 hours


    Monitor Performance     
  • Large backlit LCD display provides visual confirmation of remaining battery charge and speed settings     
  • Control Speed     
  • Separate aspirate and dispense speed controls provide precise control over pipetting speeds and reduce risk of overpipetting with smaller pipets     
  • Choose from eight speeds with a simple "+" or "-" to adjust pipetting speed which is displayed on the LCD     
    Ready when you need it     
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers long runtime per charge while eliminating battery memory problems     
  • Battery has rapid charge rate of 80% in one hour and delivers up to 20 hours of continuous operation before recharge     
    Your choice of colors     
  • Available in choice of five colors, the S1 pipet filler is a fun addition to the lab     
  • With a customizable ID area the pipet filler permits easy recognition of ownership and/or task designation     


  • S1 Pipet Fillers
S1 Pipet Fillers

S1 Pipet Fillers

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Problems dispensing last 100 ul in 1 ml serological pipet

Hi, I recently purchased several S1 Pipet Fillers for the lab. The techs are having issues with dispensing the final 100 ul out of a 1 ml serological pipet. They are dispensing media onto agar plates, 100 ul at a time. The final 100 ul doesn'...

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Stopped working after a year, apparently battery problems.

Overall Satisfaction Rating: 2 out of 5
Reliability Rating: 2 out of 5
Ease Of Use Rating: 5 out of 5

We bought 9 for the lab, after one year 6 of them stopped working, did not aspirate nor dispense, could not get charged. Being still under warranty...

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